Calming Red Buds Bloom


There is something calming when the red buds bloom. Their deep pink, petals fall to the ground. Mixed with moss, grass, and dirt, they cover stones. Each morning and evening, planning each day, then reconciling, we walk paths.



The pink, pale and deep, is comforting. There is compassion and understanding about the tug of letting go. We are moving back to city life in Lexington with it’s commotion and excitement. This is more than we’re used to after the calm of the country.



The cabin empties itself a little more each day. We find new places for furniture, dishes and mementos. Let go of others donated for safe keeping.



The pink petals, with all the passion of red, excite this move and softened it with the purity and openness of white. You can do this. Trusting the difficulty, dropping pink on the path, so tiny you have to squint at times to see them, and I do. They are tender and kind with their message of understanding.



I packed Johnny’s well-worn baseball glove and soccer trophy. Placed a broken teapot in the woods. All this layering of a past long gone next to a future imagined. We plan graduation parties and birthday brunches. Trunk shows and poetry reading smixed with music classical and jazz.


You are invited

Five Senses Salon and Trunk Show at Tribeca Trunk

116 Old Lafayette, Lexington, Kentucky

Featuring Laverne's Newest Designs

Hand dyed Boleros and Kimono Jackets and Patchwork Dusters

Moving and downsizing means that I also have to let go of lots of art to wear from the past

and my artist proofs at very special prices.

(Sort of a everything must go kind of sale! Tiny houses have very limited space.)


Soreyda Benedit Begley

Statement Headdresses

Special Occasion Dresses, and Custom Designs

If you ever wanted a dress designed especially for you,

come on down and introduce yourself to Soreyda.

Friday Reception, April 20, 5-8 pm

Larry Vogt, Improv, Classical and Jazz Guitar

Saturday Trunk Show, April 21, 11-4 pm

Sunday Salon, April 22, 1-4 pm

Open Mic Poetry and Music