Just Be

 The way the light lingers, the leaves slowly fall, reminds me another season is eminent.  Colors will change brilliantly. I take each step slowly. The year has passed quickly. Yellow is also a fall shade and when I add black to my formulas, olive appears. 

Define Your Principles

They apply to all aspects of life, even what you wear.


 I repeat what I like.  Such repetition creates movement and rhythm. It makes each day interesting. It makes what I do interesting.  Nature has this repetition.  The waves, the leaves the bark on the trees.  It's why I like shibori.

Be inclusive.

I add variety. Hence I will never be bored and every ensemble with be exciting.

Maintain equilibrium.

That balance I seek in day to day life can also be manifest in what I wear. Sometimes subtle, sometimes bold

Hold to a constant standard.

Keep things in proportion. This is the hard part. I tend to over react.

Live the rhythm to my own drum.  

This is where my strut lives. Where I ask and answer regularly, "Who do I think I am?"  Forty years ago the answer was Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, now it's Nanjo from the film Atelier.

Keep it simple with basic essentials.

No crew necks. Lots of v-necks.  Always comfortable.

Determine your bottom line.

Most importantly: know what you want. I want to keep communicating.


Dress to be Seen

My designs are for women with a certain level of self-confidence

They want to just be

just be beautiful

they don’t want to have to try

yet, they want to self-express

through their words

and their style

they are frugal with their money

they want a style that is unique and comfortable

a look that is cohesive

they want efficiency without loosing their sensuality


Quotes from the Japanese film, Atelier

(I love this film)

Me: Why do women have to try so hard to be beautiful? 

Atelier: It is human history. Throughout history women in Asia, Africa, North and South American, and of course Europe, all women, in every age and every pace, have been trying tone beautiful all through their existence human’s have bee admiring the beautify of women.


Me: It's all about the drape.

Atelier: Do you understand the beauty of hiding? Lingerie is fascinating because it is enigmatic. 

Me: You are fascinating because you are enigmatic: difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious.


Me: Are you saying you can't make a statement because you are poor?

Atelier: Don’t underestimate the poor. You’re not poor. You look poor.


Me: Remember your elements, know your principles and anything is possible.