Sustainable Art

What makes art sustainable?  Most certainly it cannot be if any part is thrown away.  The materials needed to make art are expensive. Hence, I save everything that has my vision in it and use it as soon as possible.  Lately I've noticed that when I felt wool on the FeltLOOM, and then cut out a design, I have leftover pieces that fall to the side.  They still contain all the energy I put into the felting, the shibori pole wrapping, applying the dye and formulating the colors.  They are still beautiful.  Still contain the potential for more art if I ponder and respond creatively.  This Eco-Topper was created by felting the "leftovers" on top of dyed black wool.  I love the design because one size fits many, it's warm, can be worn over a sweater, and makes a strong, I know who I am, I know what I'm doing,  statement.  Currently she is on exhibit in my Dress-Up show at Mary Rezny's Gallery in Lexington, KY.