What is the cost of not taking the fate of your book in your own hands?


All your stories remain stuffed in journals in boxes, or in folders on your computer?

You become discouraged waiting for acceptance letters from publishers?

You have nothing to share with someone who loves your writing and wants to read more.

While you know it’s important to write for yourself, you start to question whats the point. You know have wisdom to share but no beautiful way let others read what you have written.

Your story is left untold

and your book unpublished.

The knowledge you have gained through a life lived to its fullness is not available to those around you.

Those who value your words of wisdom. Your stories filled with insights. Your poetry that sustains life. Your photographs that contain vision. Are left unseen.

Passion Rules1200.jpg

Don’t you want to hold your beautiful book in your hand

and know that you are a published author?

Time is of the essence!

Stop waiting for someone else to decide

to publish your writing.

Self publishing allows you to be more involved

in design and marketing. 

Your book will be an artist’s book

Your book will be an artist’s book

Time is flying by and you have much to lose.

Publishing a beautiful book (and not one that looks amateurish and “self-published”) is not easy if you don’t have the experience.

There is a steep learning curve, even if you use a service like Blurb, or if you go to a publishing professional. You still need to talk the same language.

And it could be costly, time and money, until the end result is shaped to your liking.

As an experienced artist-writer-publisher,

I will hold your hand while you self publish. 

I understand the challenges in deciding where to start when publishing a body of work. 

I know that money and time are considerations.

My goal is to make that step-by-step process as easy as possible.

You have the freedom to prepare your legacy.

You will be free from a traditional publisher who wants to change your book to make it “sellable” to a mainstream market and severe it’s authenticity along the way.

Your book will be beautiful.

Your book will be beautiful.

Do you know how many writers have published their own books? Virginia Woolf! Thoreau! D.H. Lawrence! Upton Sinclair! Dostoevsky, Mark Twain, Blake, Shelley, Whitman!
— Dorothy Bryant

You are not waiting to be chosen.

If you want to self publish on Blurb, I will demystify the process.  

And assist you in creating a beautiful book for your stories, poetry, memories, photos.

You will realize the experience of holding your published book in your hands.

I will be there to guide you and save you time and money.  

What to expect.

As a writer, you have done the work.

You have confronted, comforted and overcome the emotional pain that eventually settles upon us during a life lived to its fullest. You have turned those experiences into stories, poems and personal narratives.

Now that you want your writing published, let’s make it happen!


Take Control

You will enjoy being able to say, “Yes, I published my book. I am a published author.”

My process will be faster and easier than traditional or vanity press publishing. 

It is more immediate. You determine the price of the book, which determines your profit. 

You have sovereignty.

You determine your marketing strategy. 

You can promote your book on your website, at personal events, in the Blurb bookstore or Amazon. You decide. You make it happen.


Be Distinctive

Your book will have professional quality.

Always perfect bound.

Print on demand allows you order as many books as you need. 

You determine your price point.

Saves time and money. Also saves energy and prevents headaches

The learning curve is steep when self publishing. 

You will save time and money when we work together.

Collage of Memories.jpg

This for you if. . .

You have important things to tell and share, and you want to leave your legacy in a the form of a book that will safely hold and spread you story ideas or art through the generations.

Time is of the essence. You want your book, chapbook, memoir or artist book published. Now!

You already know you want to self-publish for you are done with waiting to be discovered and approved by an agent or publisher.

You are ready to invest in this service and also to collaborate and communicate with me in a timely manner throughout the book creation process.

You know that no one is going to promote you better than you.

You know that problem you want to solve is to get your words in print and hold your book in your hands.

This is not good for you if. . .

You do not really believe you have something to say and you don’t care whether anyone reads what you know and what you can share.

You’re book project is not urgent. It can wait. It’s just a hobby. 

You want to be published traditionally and you’re ok with waiting to be discovered and chased by an agent or publishing house.

You don’t have the time, desire or ability to organize your work and put it in a form to take it to print. 

You’re not interested in collaborating with a guide who knows the book design and self-publishing process and doing the homework involved.

The Process

Let’s collaborate to create a meaningful printed book, a container for your words.

Based on my book design and publishing experience over the years answering these three questions will allow us to clarify your unique publication path.

What am I writing about? 

Why am I writing this? 

Who wants to read in what I have written?

Search through your poetry, essays, fiction or personal narratives. 

What’s the common denominator?

Theme? Parenting, aging, lifestyle

Time?  A particular period of time. A week. Month. Year. Teens. Young adult. Menopause. 

You can choose a 6x9 or 5x8 size for your poetry, stories, essays, with or without, color or black and white photos.

Or you can choose  a square, landscape or portrait size book on  high quality paper for photos.

Free 1 hour conception phone consultation 

Option 1: Your manuscript is ready to publish. You have it organized in a word document. If you have photos, you know where you want them located.

The cost for layout:

$300     24 pages 

$600     25-50 pages

$900     51-75 pages

$1200    76-150 pages

$1500    151-300 pages

Option 2: You need coaching in getting your body of work collected and organized. 

The fee is the same as above plus $100/hour for consulting.

These prices include 1 copy of the book to proof and three copies of the finished book. They do not include proof-reading or editing your book.

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