Silk Kimono Duster


Silk Kimono Duster


This Kimono Duster was created with fourteen pieces of shibori dyed silk charmeuse and devore sewn together using a serge seam stitch.  Try her on at MS Rezny Gallery in Lexington, KY

Width from fingertip to tip is 58"    Length from back neck is 38"

Hand wash, iron with steam on silk setting, or dry clean.

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All my handmade art to wear is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. There are no raw edges in any of my work. Each seam or edge is either hemmed or serged.  I learned to sew in 4-H, Home Ec classes in high school and many lessons from my mother. Take your time and enjoy the exploration of these pieces of truly wearable art.  Choose your favorite beverage, listen to some music that moves you and find the perfect light.  

First there was an idea.  Then a swirling energyof thoughts and ideas that constantly change and then begin to take shape in manifestation.  And as you wear your truly wearable art, as it ages, it, too, will change.

To collaborate, to co-create, as we are doing, is always an adventure where visions are fulfilled with surprises. Shibori is always a gift and a surprise

I start with composition, a mixing of colors, lines and shapes.  What’s beautiful on the wall, draped over a chair, is beautiful on the body.

Always mixing colors using three formulas.  

Always seeking depth and movement, interest and contrast.  I am not seeking flat.  

Flat is what I begin with, white flat fabric.

To create a beautiful composition, manipulation of the fabric is performed, color is added.  Curvilinear lines are produced.

Your body is the canvas that becomes the composition.

The composition is the point of focus at any given moment.  Every composition seeks harmony and unity.  What creates unity is the way the elements are arranged.  For the most unified composition I seek variety, balance, movement, and harmony when arranging the colors and silks.  In dyeing fabric these factors are considered as I create formulas.  The body is the canvas that becomes the composition.

The body as canvas seeks balance and movement.


The body has rhythm.


The body dominates


Theses are all the things I think about. The body dominates as the ultimate walking canvas, sculpture.  It moves in and out of the environment.  It is resilient.