Do you want to see your stories, memories, poems or photos in print?

Don’t you really want to hold your beautiful book in your hand and know that you are a published author?

Time is of the essence!

What is the cost of not taking the fate of your book

in your own hands? 

You leave your story untold

and your book unpublished.



Time is flying by. And you have much to lose. 

As an experienced artist-writer-publisher, I will hold your hand while you self publish. 

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I understand the challenges in deciding where to start when publishing a body of work.  I know that money and time are considerations. My goal is to make that step-by-step process as easy as possible.

I will demystify the process of publishing on Blurb.  

I will assist you in creating a beautiful book for your stories, poetry, memories, photos.

I will be there to guide you and save you time and money.  


As a writer, you have done the work.

There is one problem that I can solve now that you want your writing published. 

You will realize the experience of holding your published book in your hands.

It will be beautiful. It will be will be artful.

I will help you to enjoy being able to say, 

“Yes, I published my book. I am a published author.”

My process will be faster and easier than traditional or vanity press publishing. 

Time is of the essence for the group of specific people I recommend focusing on for this offer:

they are older, past midlife, perhaps completing their Second Age and entering their Third.

There are benefits self publishing with me.

Time is your most valuable asset for them. And their egos have subsided and tamed with the wisdom of aging, so they no longer care for being “chosen” and published by a traditional publishing house.

There are benefits self publishing with me


Self publishing allows you to be more involved in design and marketing. 

It is more immediate. You determine the price of the book, 

which determines your profit. 

You prepare your legacy.

You have freedom.


You are free from a traditional publisher who will want to change your book to make it “sellable” to a mainstream market and severe it authenticity along the way.

You are not waiting to be chosen.

You determine your marketing strategy. 

You can promote your book on your website, at personal events, 

in the Blurb bookstore or Amazon. You decide. You make it happen.


Your book will have professional quality. Always perfect bound. 

Print on demand allows you order as many books as you need. 

You determine your price point.

Saves time and money. Also saves energy and prevents headaches

The learning curve is steep when self publishing. 

You will save time and money when we work together.

This is for you if. . .

You have important things to tell and share, and you want to leave your legacy in a the form of a book that will safely hold and spread you story ideas or art through the generations.

Time is of the essence. You want your book, chapbook, memoir, 

or artist book published. Now!

You already know you want to self-publish for you are done with 

waiting to be discovered and approved by an agent or publisher.

You are ready to invest in this service and also to collaborate and communicate 

with me in a timely manner through the book creation process.

You know that no one is going to promote you better than you.

You know that problem you want to solve is to get your words in print 

and hold your book in your hands.

This is not good for you if . . . 

you do not really believe you have something to say and you don’t care 

whether anyone reads what you know and what you can share

you’re book project is not urgent-it can what for it’s just a hobby. 

you want to be published traditional and you ok with waiting for being discovered and chased by an agent or publishing house.

you don’t have the time, desire or ability to organize your work and put it in a form to take it to print. 

you’re not interested in collaborating with a guide who knows the book design 

and self-publishing process and doing the homework involved.

I’d like to collaborate with you to create a meaningful printed form, 

a container for your words. 

My Process

Confused? Not sure what to publish first?

You're first question is probably, 

“Of all that I have written, what would I like to share, now?” 

The best part about self-publishing is that it is ever evolving.

Step one. I ask you a list of essential questions I’ve come up with based on my book design and publishing experience over the years. These questions allow you to clarify your unique publication path regarding the book you want to publish.

What am I writing about? 

Why am I writing this? 

Who want to read in what I have written?

Search through your poetry, essays, fiction or personal narratives. 

What’s the common denominator?

Theme: Parenting, aging, lifestyle

Time:  A particular period of time. A week. Month. Year. Teens. Young adult. Menopause. 

The best way to begin is to consider what is closest to a finished form. 

The biggest destroyer of dreams is waiting for perfection, or permission.

You can choose a 6x9 or 5x8 size for your poetry, stories, essays, with or without, color or black and white photos.

Or you can choose  a square, landscape or portrait size book on  high quality paper for photos.

Free 1 hour conception phone consultation 

Option 1: Your manuscript is ready to publish. You have it organized in a word document. If you have photos, you know where you want them located.

The cost for layout:

$300     24 pages 

$600     25-50 pages

$900     51-75 pages

$1200    76-150 pages

$1500    151-300 pages

Option 2: You need coaching in getting your body of work collected and organized. 

The fee is the same as above plus $100/hour for consulting.

These prices include 1 copy of the book to proof and three copies of the finished book. They do not include proof-reading or editing your book.

What my service includes:

The heart of your offer is that you’re going to be holding their hand as an experienced individual (an artist-writer) to self-publish on their own. You’ll demystify the self-publishing process on Blurb for them. You’ll be there to guide them. You’ll save them time and also money along the way. You’ll help them finally hold their beautifully published, real, printed book in their hands and enjoy being able to say that yes, they published their book and they are an author now (and you’ll get them to do that in a way that is faster and easier than both the traditional and vanity press paths.)

What my services do not include:

Vanity presses are becoming more and more popular. Women writers now know the vanity press concept very well. So, they might be inclined to think that the process involves help with editing and book cover design etc, if you do not differentiate your offer to stand out very clearly for your specific Dearests.

How I Learned to Choose Myself and Create My Style

It was the fall of 1984. I had been to the University of Kentucky women’s writers conference. Write your own stories was the message. My social consciousness was beginning to emerge.   I started writing mine:

“We got a note from his teacher today. 

I mean he’s only 3 1/2.. . ."

The concept of getting a note from a teacher at 3 1/2 was incomprehensible. I liked my poem. I read it at a small round robin poetry reading. I submitted it for a reading of women writers at the close of the conference. 

Martha Gehringer, a writer and professor at the university, designed the program. She called to ask if the title was Punk at 3 1/2 or Punk at Three and a Half. 

“I don’t know,” I answered. My focus was on the poetry. The sound of the words, the way they roll off your tongue. Not spelling.

”It’s your poem,“ she said. “You decide.”

An act of power had occurred!

You mean there isn’t a “right” way? 

You mean I don’t need permission to do it one way or the other?

You mean I decide?

Punk at 3 1/2 

I see that that was a defining moment in my life as a woman, a writer and an artist. 


I am an author. I decide.”

An art Ed professor wanted to emphasize the fact that a student, staring off into the distance, was not being lax. They were pondering. Writers, like artists, create from nothing. The first phase of creating a body of work is pondering. Writers have blank pages that they put words on and arrange them to make a statement or share an relative experience.