Value Process


"It is only by learning what I could contribute and how I could share that I was able to foster meaningful exchange." Kirsten Sevig


These are the only three books I need as I prepare for 2018. In "Necessary Endings" Dr. Henry Cloud helps me identify what I need to let go of. In "Striped Pears and Polka Dots, The Art of Being Happy" Kirsten Sevig reminds me the goal is the journey, not the destination. Like when on a road trip and my kids would ask, "Are we there yet?" And the 2018 Planner I bought myself at Anthropologie with my 15% birthday discount gets me organized.


Be happy! Enjoy the process!

Kirsten is absolutely correct. I have experienced the value of process working with Soreyda and all the other planners and models and designers to produce Blossom 2018. It started with a conversation about how to take all that has been painful in 2017 and allow it to blossom into something beautiful and empowering.

Let’s say adios to 2017 in a fun and fashionable way! 

A Fundraiser for Lexington Community Radio 93.9FM

El Pulso Latino 95.7FM and The Ingenia Club

Lexington Community Radio 93.9FM. El Pulso Latino 95.7FM

Empowers the community by engaging listeners with local, timely, and relevant information and opinions that positively impact safety and quality of life in Lexington. And envisions a more informed, connected, included, equitable and empowered America, starting right here in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Ingenia Club Founder, Bella Begley, wanted a space where young people could meet with like-minded peers interested in all types of creative activities. With the help of the Living Arts and Science Center, this vision is becoming a reality. The club provides a space and a framework, but what it ulimately becomes is up to you! Please join us - there are no dues or fees! The Ingenia Club provides space and community for people who will create something wonderful!

Lexington Fashion Designers: Rosario Sosa, Iris Jimenez, Krista Shah, Laverne Zabielski, Soreyda Benedit-Begley, Ronald Cooper and Mya Price.

Traditional Chinese costumes and dance showcase by Shuling Studio. 

Traditional Mexican Costumes showcase by Casa de La Cultura Hispana de Kentucky

Dance performance by America Diminicci, Tahiti dance performance by Claudia Ochoa, and Jazz performance by Connor Perry. 

Music performance by LaKyya Washington. 

Dance party with DJ Xtremo!

Tickets may be purchased at Eventbrite