Another Challenge Presents Itself

Another Challenge Presents Itself

Both of these pieces started out by felting .25 alpaca/merino onto 44" silk gauze

After dyeing, steaming and rinsing, the one on the left was put in the washer on the drain spin only cycle. It is now 30" wide and


much  more tightly. The one on the left was line dried and is 37" wide and more soft. Hmmmm. I was going to make a coat so I guess I will re-wet the one on the right and drain spin it so they are both the same. The question is will the tighter fulling wear better?

Fire, Alpaca and Silk Felted Yardage

For designers, collage artists, fiber artists.  Yardage!  Or is it yARTage?  Alpaca and silk, red, orange, purple, 40" x 32" excluding natural edges on three sides. Perfect for sewing project or embellished for wall art. Display it as is, or cut it up for your own art. Natural edges, vary from 1"to 4" and do not have any silk which makes it nice for felting.  $90     Find it on Etsy!

Sewing and thinking about Mom

 Everytime I work on the sewing table I got from my mom I remember all the dresses she made for me and my sisters.  And while she always thought she wasn't an artist, she definitely had her style!
Fuchsia, hand-felted, shibori dyed, Kentucky alpaca, Texas merino and silk.

Hiking for Color

For me, it’s all about color. After using the Shibori technique of manipulating fabric by wrapping it around a pole or rope, I always place at least three colors, or shades of one color of dye on the cloth.  The fabric resists the dye and creates a pattern.  Many of my wearable art designs consist of several strips of hand dyed fabric which have been torn and serged before sewing them together. Through this process I frequently recover memories contained in the 5/8” seam allowance I learned when my mother taught me to sew. In her own way she also taught me that the art is in the ironing.  

Some of my newest designs are created by felting alpaca and merino wool to silk before Shibori dyeing the fabric. It is my intention that My Truly Wearable art has a performative quality.  When you wear it, not only are you only one hand away from the artist, you become the art.

Currently I live in a cabin in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, hike the mountain and try to figure out how to formulate the colors I see around me.

Copper Painted Shibori Nuno Felted Merino

The challenge was wrapping the 10 feet of felted merino and silk on a five foot pole and then shiboi painting it so that I could get enough penetration without too much dye dripping.  Soaking it in a solution of equal parts vinegar and water with a little synthrapol seems to help the merino soak up the dye.  The question is does it dilute the color?  This piece is meant to be hung on the wall in a place where the sunset shines through the window.  It's amazing the fabric that be created on the FeltLOOM!