Dig deeper. Make something beautiful.

Let’s dive deeper into our art making experiences. Summer is the time for experimenting. I appreciate Peggy’s insightful comments about the classes she took this past winter and spring. 

“Having an interest in felt, after dappling in wet and nuno felting, I took two FeltLoom classes under the guidance of Laverne Zabielski. Inspired, I also have completed the Sibori dying class.

“More than a teacher, Laverne Zabielski mentors and guides her students through art theory and color theory while demonstrating the process of the art form she is teaching.  

“Laverne’s teaching methods are based upon sound educational pedagogy: demonstrating, explaining, and collaborating.

“After displaying  examples of  FeltLoom products and listening to her students, Laverne introduced some wool rovings, silk, and ribbon embellishments that could be incorporated into the silk and wool batting scarf that would be created in the beginning FeltLoom class. She reminded students of the color wheel and simple art theory concepts to help guide us in designing our pieces.

“I left class with Laverne, inspired and empowered, believing in myself as a creator of art.  

“Since the first class, with guidance from Laverne and the magic of the FeltLoom, I’ve made a shawl and then repurposed nuno felted scarves, and completed a 4’ x 6’ wall hanging. 

“I’m looking forward to expanding my Sibori dying abilities. Laverne Zabielski is unique, being a creative, skilled artist and teacher.” —Peggy Workman

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