Comforting Indulgence


Five things I notice

Laura 6.jpg

Something hot to sip first thing in the morning is a comforting indulgence. Today it’s mate.

Laura 8.jpg

I like to get up before daybreak when the house is quiet and I am the only one awake.


 My reflection in the sliding glass door to the patio as I sink in my hand me down chair and wonder if I should get a new one so a bookshelf would fit up against the wall and my books would not pile up.

Laura 9.jpg

Silk with the shibori dyed magnolia flowers moving gently in the doorway

reminding me how important movement is.

Laura 2.jpg

Remembering conversations from yesterday. So many stories. All from a different point of view. My questioning truth. Is there even such a thing? Realizing there are only stories with different perceptions. Different for every person. Questioning how much one’s future is determined by the story they tell.