Feed Your Hungry Chutzpah

The woman desiring to feed her hungry chutzpah knows.

She knows she has something to say.

She is strong in her convictions. 

She expresses them professionally through her work which she performs with integrity and strives for excellence. 

She has strong opinions 

This is the world she comes from. Yet, there is containment. 

Her range of reaching over ut is limited. She wants her knowledge to spread further.  

She holds back. 

She's not sure how to separate the veil. 

She seeks

a mentor, an affirming voice, a "go girl, you can do it, you deserve it," 

a whisper of beauty in the ears of those she comes in contact with,

an expression of calm or intrigue, adventure or serenity, depending on her choice of script for the day. 

She is in control. 

Her chutzpah Is her power tool. 

Daily she chooses wisely. She sets the scene. Defines her script. Arms herself with an appropriate look. Her friends and allies gather around her with questions and affirmations. Her team has been united. Her wisdom is shared. Her elixir is desired. 

It is simple. She knows. She knows what she is doing, where she is going, and most of all she knows we know. She knows we know what we're doing, where we are going. 

She asks simple questions at first. How long did it take you to learn this?  

Without knowing she is seeking complexity. She is seeking intrigue. She knows it is complicated. Like herself. She knows it is mysterious. Like herself. She knows it needs to be experienced to be known, like herself. She knows that if now is not the time to indulge, the time will come.

How does she know? She knows because she knows who she is and where she was going.