I love hot Kentucky days.  My devore silk dries fast.  Yesterday I pole wrapped 12 pieces of silk around six poles.  There were a variety of shapes.  Some were 22 x 80" which will become shawls or ponchos.  Some were 22 x 72" and will become infinity scarves.  Some were 44 x 44" and will become jackets.  Others were 44 x 60" and will become a cape.  I also am experimenting with 44 x40" which will become a bolero!  I dyed them all using the vinyl sulphon dyes in the triad colors of turquoise, fuchsia, and yellow orange.  Even though it is the same combination of colors, each piece will be different, either because of the pattern in the devore, or because the order of applying the dye is different.  That's what I love about color theory and shibori!