Choosing a Palette for Unity

The Goal is to be Not Busy!  And still produce results. 

Step 1.  Tear all pieces of silk to be dyed in one palette of colors.  I don't like to cut out patterns so everything I make is based on tearing, shibori dyeing and sewing.

Step 2.  Create a palette that incudes three colors.  This insures that there will be texture rhytmn in all my pieces. And because there are several different combinations, there will be variety, all of which contributues to a cohesive body of work. (There's that phrase again. "body of work!"  It's always important to be striving for a body of work.  That way you never get bored, no matter what your artform.)

Step 3.  Hang up an admire your creations so that you have eternal pleasure in your art making.  This collection is based on the triad and split triad of turquoise with a little seque into the analagous colors of red and and orange