Elements and Principles

These are the Elements of Art

Everything you create has these elements is some way.  Art happens when you arrange these elements following the principles of design.  You will decide where to put your emphasis.  That emphasis is what creates a collection. A body of work. A cohesive collection.  One that has unity.

Principles of Design and Organization used to create Unity

For me, my emphasis is often on color.  When I shibori dye fabric, I use a variety of color. And follow color theory to create harmony.  I like the fabric to be lightweight so that it has movement. When I make wall hangings or rugs I count on the placement of color to create movement.  In the fall the tones will dominate.  In the summer the bright colors will dominate.  Etc.  I like to be economical with my palette.  Not too many.  Since everything is in the palette I’m currently working on, however, it is all part of a collection, rugs, clothing, wall hangings.

My daughter, Danielle,  makes purses.  Her emphasis is on shape, line, texture.  Her colors may vary.

Some designers/artists like pattern.  Colors and lines could vary, but there is always pattern.

I’m not sure you always know in the beginning.  That is why you keep asking what if.  And follow your intuition.  One time I was ironing a piece and all of a sudden I wondered what if I use a particular group of colors.  Since I was being inspired by something I had just created, I made a  point to write my thought down and immediately dye something using that formula.  That’s how pieces feed off of each other.

The main thing is to print off the elements of art and principles of art and organization and post them somewhere.  I think they apply to everything we do in life.  

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