Purple Alpaca Coat

Using the FeltLOOM I felted two bats of .25 Alpaca/merino blend onto 44" by 80" silk gauze.
 So that I would have enough for a coat I made two pieces of fabric.
The fabric was pole wrapped on two 4" pvc pipes, tied with string and scrunched.
Then I soaked it in a solution of equal parts of white vinegar and water and a tad of synthrapol
Not wanting my purple to be too bright, I added 1-3T of black to each cup of dye.
Using a total of three cups of dye on each pole I drizzled it onto the fabric, reading the flow of dye like a kayaker reads the river to determine how much dye to use.
I was able to cut the a sleeve and a front or back out of each piece.
A lining could be used.  However, wanting the coat to "move" 
and to be as lightweight as possible, I chose not to.
All the edges are finished except the bottom.  This means that it hangs a little more straight.  If
I hemmed the bottom there would be more of a ripple which could also be nice.  By not hemming the bottom it means that later it can be cut to the perfect length for whoever wears it.
I'm looking forward to working with +Margie Shay 
to develop her palette of colors!