Back to Work

After two months of disarray due to finishing off the basement I am beginning to get my dyeing station set up again; this time on the back porch; then, eventually in the little cabin.  The walk-in basement is too nice to risk spilling and splashing dye.  Which, no matter how careful I am, always seems to happen.  I know that the porch and cabin will be weather affected.  Like today when it is 100 degrees.   However, I kind of like that.  I have been spending way too much time indoors. 

During this break I have realized how important it is and easier it is to work to finish one step at a time.  When I think about the projects I need to finish, I am overwhelmed and stay too long in the hammock.  When I just think of what silk I have to wrap, or steam, it is manageable and I get to work.

1.        Thinking, visualizing, making notes
2.        Assess supplies and place order if necessary
3.        Iron silks in preparation of wrapping
4.        Make sure poles are clean
5.        Wrap fabric
6.        Mix dyes; make notes
7.        Paint dye onto fabric, and hang tags and let dry
9.        Wrap dried fabric in newsprint
10.       Steam set dyes
11.       Rinse in laundry tub
12.       Wash on delicate cycle
13.       Dry on delicate cycle
14.       Iron and sew
15.       Take photograph      

Today I painted pole-wrapped charmeuse, crepe, devore, and charmeuse with horse images in preparation for a five  piece serenity shawl for the Lexington Art League Reverse Raffle.  I used my rust, copper, olive formulas.
While waiting for those to dry, I’m going to wrap two 44” x 104” pieces of devore that will be curtains for Theresa.
After that I will need to put some thought into what I’m going to do with the wool that I have already felted.