Shibori Prayer Book

First there was writing.  

"Tell your own story," 
Adrienne Rich said.  

So I wrote.  
Then there was publish.  
"To publish is to make public," the dicitonary said.  
I began to read my work fearlessly.  
"You should take a silk dyeing class," a friend suggested.
"Then you can cover your poems with silk and your art will be come performative."  
I signed up.  
Two weeks after enrolling, 
my son had a paralyzing accident.  
"You should quit school," I said to myself.  
Myself answered, "No.  We will both learn to adapt."  
I became obsessed.  Everything became an opporturnity to make art.  
As I waited in the intensive care waiting room, 
I covered muy journal with sequins.  
I learned Shibori silk dyeing.   
Shibori is manipulating fabric, placig dye upon it and surrendering.
I surrendered.  
When I visited the capel at the hospital, 
I wrote in my journal.  
It became a prayer book, 
covered with silk.